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Density and Viscosity Meters

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Portable Submersible Density & Viscosity Meters VDM-250.1N

VDM-250.1N Features
- Direct density and viscosity measurement
- Density, reference density, specific gravity, API, …
- Automatic temperature compensation
- No sampling required operation
- ATEX Hazloc certification transfer
- Safe operation, low maintenance
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Portable Submersible Density & Viscosity meter VDM-250 SERIES best suited for liquid density, viscosity, concentration and temperature measurements directly in the storage or process tanks (up to 6 meters depth). No labor extensive and errors critical sampling required. Instead, the sensor of VDM-250 SERIES is submersed at any required level and record spot density/viscosity and real temperature at that point directly in the liquid. The operation personal can get in minutes the average density/viscosity in the tank and its density / viscosity / temperature / level profile, for example, at every meter. Hundreds of measurements can be stored locally and future transferred to a PC or printer via built-in bluetooth connectivity. The VDM SERIES has robust design for heavy duty year round indoor or outdoor operation, even in severe climatic conditions at –40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F).
ISO 9001