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Density and Viscosity Meters for Gas and Liquids

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Low Flow Rate Density & Viscosity Meter VDC-30 SERIES

VDC-30 SERIES Features
- Continuous measurements
- Easy cleaning
- High accuracy
- Simple installation
- Suitable for very viscous liquids
- Wide range of applications
- Rigorous factory testing
- Automatic temperature compensation
- Compact design
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VDC-30 principle of operation is based on the changing of frequency characteristics of the sensitive element in the measured liquid. Device measures continuously Dynamic Viscosity and Real Density to calculate Kinematic Viscosity of the liquid.
Usually all the industrial measuring systems operate with dynamic viscosity unlike most of laboratories measure kinematic viscosity via capillary viscometers. So it is critically important to compare laboratory measurements with measurements made by process meters and evaluate measuring system`s performance.
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